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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin will inaugurate the ‘Rainbow Council’ system in 13,210 government schools in Tamil Nadu on Monday (November 28) to improve the scientific attitude of students.

In this regard, a circular has been sent to all District Primary Education Officers on behalf of Directorate of Integrated School Education, Department of School Education: ‘Rainbow Forum’ is a first-of-its-kind initiative to improve the scientific attitude of students from classes 6 to 8 in government schools under the Tamil Nadu School Education Department. Try.

For this, enthusiastic and effective counselors will come to school to explain the process of this project to the students. They will also bring the necessary department tools.

After that, with the help of the teachers working in the school, he will perform various tests and help improve the learning ability of the students.

Allocation of Rs.1,200 per school: In the first phase, an allocation of Rs.1,200 per school has been made for purchase of materials at low cost for conducting science and mathematics experiments related to the subjects taught in the classrooms for classes 6 to 8.

After that every week suitable material to explain the concepts related to the subject should be bought at low cost and various tests should be done. Then students should be encouraged to ask questions.

When ideas about ‘STEM’ (science), technology, engineering and mathematics come to school, teachers should be encouraged to conduct experiments with them and encourage students to participate enthusiastically in rainbow forums.

On November 28, when the Principal inaugurated the rainbow forum, the rainbow forum should be started in 13,210 government middle, high and higher secondary schools at 2 pm on that day.

At the beginning of the forum, teachers and students should do a couple of simple experiments. In the presence of the ministries, the district administration and people’s representatives should also participate in the event.

A total of Rs 1.58 crore has been allocated for this project for a total of 13,210 government schools including 3,095 high schools, 3,123 high schools and 6,992 middle schools.



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