Chemical bleaching on water of river Bhatsa in Kalyan RS News

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Welfare: The water of Bhatsa river flowing from Shahapur taluka has caused a stir due to the oily white color flowing in Waweghar, Valkas area of ​​Kalyan taluka. The villagers of the area have started searching from where this Tawang is flowing.
Villagers of Vaveghar, Valkas, Behre, Khadvali, Soar, Koshimbi, Ozerli areas of Kalyan taluka have rushed to the river bank as soon as they got the information about the white colored Tawang flowing over the water of Bhatsa river. The villagers and cattle rearers of this area are engaged in rice cultivation, fruit and flower cultivation on the banks of the river. Many herdsmen bring their cows, buffaloes to graze by the river.

Dinesh Belkare, a vigilant resident of Valkas village has informed the revenue, pollution control, police officers in this regard so as not to endanger life in the village area from the water of this chemical. The local Gram Panchayat has made the villagers aware about this. The farmers of this area have expressed the suspicion that the white chemical slurry flowing on the river may have been released directly into the water by a company on the river bank.

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Many women in these villages go to Bhatsa river regularly to wash their clothes. The settlements of itinerant laborers are along the river. They use water from Bhatsa river regularly. The villagers have started to inquire whether the water flowing from Shahapur has white water. The villagers of this area have demanded legal action against those who released this white chemical water in the river bed.


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