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Former employees of edtech major BYJU have alleged that the company failed to meet the deadline for full and final settlement of laid-off workers.

BYJU’s workforce decreased from 50,000 to 31,000-33,000 at the batch level in October 2022.

“I am writing to draw your attention to the fact that I have not received my Full and Final (FNF) payment within the stated 45 day period and this period is approximately 90 days and I have not received a proper resolution from the separation team fnf team and others.” A former BYJU employee wrote on a social media platform:

The employee claimed that the full and final agreement of many employees he knew when contacted had not yet been achieved.

An employee sent an email to several media outlets claiming that she was promised by the HR manager at BYJU’S that she would be paid September salary as well as one month’s severance pay by October, and later received an email postponing the date to November . 17.

The employee said the payment was still overdue.

BYJU’S did not provide any comment regarding the email query sent regarding this matter.

However, a company source said there is a three-month cycle for each employee and payments are made upon completion of each cycle.

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