Byatarayanapura MLA Krishna Byre Gowda who exposed a decades-old land scam in Bengaluru RS News

Bengaluru: Former Congress minister Krishna Byre Gowda has exposed a big land scam related to 23 acres of valuable land in Bengaluru, where the government has not taken any action for five months. Byarayanapura MLA Byara Gowda said that the Bangalore City Collector has submitted a report on the land scam in April 2022. Byre Gowda explained this land scam in the Assembly saying, ‘Real life is more like a fantasy than a movie.’

Where did this land scam take place?

This big land scam happened around the family of K. Gopinath and his land in Laggere. “In 1976, the “Land Ceiling Act” was introduced in Bangalore city. After sealing the land, the rest of the land was treated as surplus land, which was acquired by the government. An additional land measuring 16.10 acres including 4.10 acres of kharab belonging to Gopinath’s family was taken over by the government. The same land was acquired in 1981. The slum board has been given to construct the houses,” Byregowda said.

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“Against this, the family filed an appeal before the tribunal. It ruled in favor of the government. They then went to the High Court, which also ruled in favor of the government,” he pointed out.

What did Byre Gowda say about the scam?
The city’s land ceiling law was repealed in 1999, after which Gopinath’s family approached the government seeking relief. “However, for all legal purposes, the acquisition by the government is final and the land once acquired cannot be returned. Yet in 2009, the land was returned with 4.20 acres lying vacant.

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“The government order stipulates that the land owner should not seek any other compensation,” explained Byre Gowda. In total, Gopinath’s family has acquired 5.10 acres, including the adjacent kharab land they acquired. Plots have now been created on that land to build houses,” Byre Gowda said.

Gopinath Plot
After all this, the family filed an application saying that they got only 4.20 acres out of the 16.10 acres they lost. In 2010, he had petitioned the court for alternative land. Accordingly, the government has given only 11.30 acres of land in my constituency. This layout is named as Gopinath Plot,” says Byre Gowda.

Gowda read out the High Court order that Gopinath had already been compensated. “The High Court, which ordered the investigation, had issued an order that no alternative land should be given. “However, the Tehsildar of Yalahanka has issued an order that 11.30 acres should be given to them,” he said.

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“According to the investigation report, Gopinath has lost only 2.30 acres of land. But now, in return, 23 acres of land has been consumed,” Byregowda demanded to file a criminal case. Revenue Minister R. answered this question. Ashoka assured the assembly that “suitable action will be taken to save government land”.

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