Gold price rises by Rs 63, check 10 gram gold price | Gold prices rose by Rs 63, check the price of 10 grams of gold

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Gold / Silver Price Today

New Delhi : On October 13, 2021, the Indian bullion market witnessed a sharp trend in gold prices. At the same time, silver prices rose today. During the last session, gold closed at Rs 46,266 per 10 grams in the Delhi Bullion Market. Silver also closed at Rs 60,417 per kg. While gold prices rebounded in the international market today, similar to the Indian bullion markets, there was no significant change in the price of silver.

The new price of gold

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On Wednesday, gold prices rose marginally by Rs 63 per 10 grams in the Delhi bullion market. This brought the price of 99.9 grams of pure gold to Rs 46,329 per 10 grams in the national capital. Gold also touched an international high of डॉलर 1,768 an ounce today.

The new price of silver

Today, the price of silver rose. Silver also rose by Rs 371 to close at Rs 60,788 per kg in the national capital on Wednesday. At the same time, there was no significant change in the price of silver in the international market today and it reached 22 22.80 an ounce.

Why did gold rise?

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Tapan Patel, senior analyst (commodities) at HDFC Securities, said gold prices were trading higher on weak dollar and declining US bond yields. On the commodity exchange, gold spot price rose 0.46 per cent. This led to an increase in the price of gold in the bullion market.

Invest wisely in gold

According to experts, the investor should think before making any decision about investing in gold. They suggest investing in gold from a long-term perspective and a diversification perspective and a hedge of inflation. Investments in gold can be made in the form of physical gold, sovereign gold bonds, gold ETFs, gold funds. Investors looking to save on taxes can opt for gold funds. TDS does not apply to this type of investment. Instead these funds are taxed only on the purchase and sale of jewelry. The method of investment clearly depends on the needs of the investor and the risk appetite. For those who want to diversify their portfolio and invest in gold from a long-term perspective, the digital way to invest in gold can be an attractive option.

Digital gold sales increased in Covid 19

The trend to buy gold digitally has increased since the Covid 19 epidemic began. Digital gold is a completely different way to invest in gold. You can invest in it with at least one rupee. It can be easily bought and sold. These features are attracting investors to digital gold and investing in it. There is always concern about the maintenance and safety of physical gold. This year the need to buy gold digitally through financial instruments multiplied by Covid 19 and the social gap.

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Gold prices rose by Rs 63, check the price of 10 grams of gold

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