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The 18th Dubai Airshow, themed ‘The Future of the Aerospace Industry’, started on Monday and will continue until Friday, showcasing commercial, private and military aircraft.

Highlights include spectacular flight displays as well as static displays of Boeing and AirBus. Beond, which claims to be the world’s first premium leisure airline, showcased its state-of-the-art Airbus A319, which seats 44 passengers in a luxurious, fully horizontal configuration.

While Emirates Airlines and Flydubai signed major agreements, Pak Air Force exhibited its J-17 fighter jets on the international platform for the first time.

Speaking about day one of the show, Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths said: Job Recorder: “Yesterday we broke all records, both in terms of orders, with a commitment of $80 billion, and in the number of visitors, with 51,000 people coming yesterday alone.”

“We’re absolutely delighted with the progress made so far. And I’m sure this air show will be the best in a long, long time,” he added.

According to the Dubai Media Office, this is the largest event of the fair, with exhibitors from 148 countries, more than 1,400 exhibitors and more than 300 international speakers coming together at the Dubai World Centre.

The idea is to “bring together experts to foster collaboration, advance technology, research the latest trends and push the boundaries of sustainable innovation for the future.”

With Dubai leading the way in flying taxis, it’s no surprise to see so many drones and drones on display at the brand new Advanced Air Mobility pavilion

Space exploration is “an increasing area of ​​focus for the 2023 edition of the Dubai Airshow” in partnership with the UAE Space Agency, showcasing Emirates’ latest initiatives and projects, including the Asteroid Belt Mission.

Airlines make deals

Emirates opened the Dubai Airshow 2023 on Monday with a significant order for 95 additional wide-body aircraft, bringing the total number of orders to 295 aircraft, Dubai Media Office said.

Emirates has committed $52 billion worth of additional Boeing 777-9, 777-8 and 787s “to strengthen its growth plans and maintain a modern, efficient fleet.”

Emirates also announced a $950 million investment to build a new ultra-modern engineering facility at Dubai World Centre.

“Spanning 1 million square metres, the engineering complex will be the largest and most advanced of its kind operated by any airline and will provide support to Dubai’s world-class aviation infrastructure,” Dubai Media Office said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Flydubai ordered 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in a deal worth $11 billion.

Pakistan Air Force makes its presence felt

The air show marked the first appearance of the PAF’s JF-17 Thunder Block-III aircraft on an international platform, “symbolising Pakistan’s commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation”, according to a tweet about the X by the Pakistan Air Force.

“The historic accession also marks a significant milestone for the PAF, showcasing the PAF’s cutting-edge aviation capabilities on a global stage.”

Pakistan Air Force will also showcase the Super Mushshak aircraft, known for its exceptional training capabilities and versatility, accompanying the JF-17 Thunder.

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