BJP’s ‘Ghar Wapsi Plan’… Trying to organize the body and the Lok Sabha elections together! RS News

It is reported quoting sources that the party will now brainstorm with its district level leaders as to which angry leader or effective worker should be returned with what role.

BJP is preparing a masterplan to convince the angry loved ones soon.

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BJP has made preparations to pass the biggest electoral test before 2024. That is, there is a lot of talk from the party high command to the organization and the government regarding the civic elections that the ‘forgotten and lost’ leaders of 2022 should be brought back. in 2022 Yogi Lehar But the BJP returned to power for the second time in a row, but the party does not want to take any risk to maintain the Modi wave in 2024, so there is a special churning going on in the organization. It is reported that all the leaders in the party have agreed that the angry loved ones should be convinced at the earliest. A masterplan is being prepared for this.

During the assembly elections, many party leaders and old workers have left the organization after getting angry due to various reasons. There are some people who are inactive but most of the people were ticket contenders or were claiming themselves to be the frontrunners in that race. Such people had also tried to show strength in the 2022 assembly elections at their own level. That is, there were many such leaders, who either openly supported the candidate of another party or played a role in providing electoral benefits to them from behind the scenes.

strategy of ‘ghar wapsi’ before civic elections

The displeasure of such people was rejected by the BJP in that period, but now in the biggest election before 2024, that is, in the civic elections, it is working on a strategy to reunite its people with the party. Because, the organization has a apprehension that those who were protesting in the assembly even though they were themselves, they can do the same in the civic elections.

BJP will not run on ‘Agneepath’ which is angry with loved ones!

The margin of victory and defeat in the civic elections is very less as compared to the assembly elections. In such a situation, people who are angry with the party can do a lot of damage. If this happens, then its message will go far, which is likely to have an impact on the 2024 Lok Sabha elections as well. The party has passed the assembly exam, but it will refrain from walking on the path of anger for its loved ones for the civic elections and then the Lok Sabha elections.

It is reported quoting sources that the party will now brainstorm with its district level leaders as to which angry leader or effective worker should be returned with what role. So that there is no conflict at the local level and the leaders who leave the party line in the assembly once again come back on the party line. The party has started working on the list of angry people. It is reported that there has been an agreement in the organization that the leaders who had left the party in the assembly elections should be brought back according to their political stature.

A committee will be formed to persuade the angry leaders!

Despite working dedicatedly and organized for the BJP, a committee will be formed to convince the leaders who were disappointed in the name of ticket during the assembly elections. Party sources claim that this committee will work in the same way as the jogging committee was formed during the assembly elections. Through him, all the leaders who came from other parties were included in the BJP on a large scale. There were two main reasons behind doing this. One is that from the time of joining, a message was given to the opposition parties that their party leaders were formally included in the BJP and presented it as a big political event.

Secondly, the leaders of the state president and deputy CM level were available on the stage for the leaders who used to join BJP. That is, those coming from other parties used to have a message that even though BJP is connecting people on a large scale, but those coming to the party are being given full respect.

Bhupendra Chaudhary – Swatantra Dev’s key role in ‘Special Mission’!

BJP is making its strategy considering the civic elections as a trailer for the Lok Sabha elections. For this, brainstorming and planning is going on at all the three levels of union, organization and government. It is reported that for the first time in the special kind of core group that has been formed regarding UP, Swatantra Dev Singh has been kept in a special role. That is, it has happened for the first time that the core group has been formed for UP, in which the Chief Minister, both Deputy CM, Organization General Secretary Dharampal, State President Bhupendra Chaudhary and in-charge Radha Mohan Singh, besides Jal Shakti Minister and CM Yogi’s close Swatantra Dev Singh. has been included.

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His grip on the organization and the ability to establish direct communication and contact with the workers of the divisional level will be useful in this special mission. The old party workers who are angry about anything with the organization or the government and are currently away from the party, will once again try to bring them into the main stream of the organization. Swatantra Dev Singh has been the state president for about three and a half years and is currently very close to Chief Minister Yogi. Therefore, the current president Bhupendra Chaudhary and Swatantra Dev Singh together will fulfill the mission of putting the lotus once again in the hands of their angry workers and leaders before the civic elections.



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