BJP Workers Prevent Congress MP Nakul Nath from Entering Polling Booth in Chhindwara (WATCH) ReadingS


Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh): Nakul Nath, Congress Lok Sabha Member and son of former Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath, was allegedly stopped from entering a polling booth in Chhindwara’s Bararipura by BJP workers.

According to reports, Chhindwara Municipal Corporation opposition leader Vijay Pandey and party supporters prevented Nakul Nath from entering the polling booth, leading to chaos between the two parties. Ultimately Nakul Nath had to return.

BJP workers were heard speaking to Nakul Nath: “You are not participating in the elections, you cannot enter the polling booth. This is an election, only candidates or polling officials can enter the booth. No one else can enter.” Nath’s supporters tried to persuade the saffron party workers to let him in, saying that the Lok Sabha member was alone and had not brought any crowd with him, but in vain.

Nakul Nath reached out to check the polling booth at Rajpal Chowk but BJP workers stopped him outside.

Kamal Nath had reached the polling station in the morning to exercise his right to vote. Meanwhile, he called on the public to vote in large numbers.

While Kamal Nath (Nakul Nath’s father) is the Congress candidate from Chhindwara, BJP’s Vivek Sahu is also contesting against him.

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