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Belgaum Municipal Corporation Mayor, Deputy Mayor Election (Belgavi Mayor Election) is a mess. The BJP government’s move on reservation has created confusion again. Despite having a clear majority, BJP MLAs and the government are hesitating to hold elections, which has created a lot of doubt. This is the first time that Belagavi municipal corporation administration MES (MES) has completely lost its hand. At present Belgaum Corporation has completed one year of elections for 58 wards. However, the election of mayor and deputy mayor is still messy.

The government’s move on reservation has again created confusion. Mayoral election was held in 2019 for Belgaum Municipal Corporation. After that, elections were not held for two years due to the issue of division and reservation of wards. It has now been a year since the election.

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What is the confusion?

However, the Mayor, Deputy Mayor reservation inquiry confusion still continues. If you look at it like that, there is confusion whether the Belgaum Corporation mayoral election should be held according to the 21st term reservation or according to the 24th term reservation.

Every year the government announces the reservation of mayor, deputy mayor of the corporation. Thus, for the 21st term of Belagavi Corporation, the mayor general woman, deputy mayor class B women reservation has come, and for the 24th term, the mayor general and deputy mayor AC women reservation has come. Now whether the 21st term or the 24th term should be held as per reservation is causing confusion.

Clear majority for BJP

Still in Belgaum Corporation elections were held on Chinhe and BJP got a clear majority. In Belgaum Municipal Corporation 58 Ward, BJP has won 35 seats, Congress 10 seats, MIM 1 seat, 12 non-party candidates have won.

BJP government delay belagavi mayor and deputy mayor elections csb mrq

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Among these parties are three MES members. Despite this, there is a BJP government at the center and in the state. Both are BJP MLAs. Even after the announcement of reservation, the government should have given instructions to hold elections according to any period. Even the government is not doing that work.

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Why this delay?

Both the BJP MLAs are not effectively putting pressure on the government. As the general elections are approaching, there are doubts that the BJP is hesitating to get hold of the corporation.

Without an officer, the damage of the members of the corporation is not told to anyone. Congress, MES, MIM members have recently cut a cake and vented their anger against the government.

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Even though the Belgaum Corporation has the majority to hold the mayoral post, the BJP government is hesitating to hold the election. The government’s double action on the reservation issue has created confusion. Only the voters who voted are cursing the government.

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