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Better communication, artificial intelligence at the military level

Biden and Xi agreed to restore some military-to-military communications between their armed forces at a time when unprofessional incidents between the two countries’ ships and aircraft are on the rise.

After the meeting, Xi said that he and Biden agreed to continue high-level military dialogues on the basis of equality and respect. Xinhua state news agency.

Xinhua said the leaders also agreed to hold joint government talks on the use of artificial intelligence, as well as setting up a working group on counter-narcotics cooperation.

At the opening of the talks, Biden said the two leaders should ensure “competition does not lead to conflict.”

Xi later told Biden that “planet Earth is big enough for both countries to succeed.” He said protectionism was putting pressure on the global economy.

Xi said China was not trying to “overtake the United States or take away its seat” and emphasized that “the United States should not make plans to pressure and control China.”

The leaders’ first meeting since November 2022 was held at the Filoli estate, chosen for its safety, peace and remoteness, miles outside San Francisco, far from the APEC summit.

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