BC Road Private Bus Stand; A remnant of a jagged highmast lamp RS News

Team Udayavani, Sep 23, 2022, 8:51 AM IST

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Bantwala: A remnant of an old high-mast electric lamp at the BC Road private bus stand has become dangerous and is causing mishaps one after the other. But the public is expressing outrage that it is ironic that it has not yet taken time for the concerned officials to clear it.

Hundreds of passengers arrive at this station in the center of Bantwala taluk daily by tens of buses, and for most of them, the remains of this high mast lamp are considered dangerous. There is no count of the passengers who have fallen and got injured here.

Besides, tens of buses and autos have also been damaged due to this. However, the local administration here has not gone to the trouble of vacating the Bantwal municipality. There are sharp pieces of rusted iron on which travelers have tripped and injured themselves without knowing it was there.

Some time ago a passenger from an auto stepped directly on a sharp piece of iron and got seriously injured. There were incidents of buses hitting it and damaging its tires. Earlier, a high mast lamp was installed here for the lighting of a private bus stand. But due to negligence of the bus drivers, sometimes the buses hit it and got damaged.

Although the pole was removed and a new high mast lamp was installed, the lower part of the high mast pole and the concrete bed remained intact.



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