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ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to extradite a Pakistani citizen involved in banking fraud to Kuwait, well-informed sources said Job Recorder.

In a recent meeting of the Federal Cabinet, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that the embassy of the State of Kuwait in Islamabad, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has requested the extradition of Pakistani citizen Arshad Ali s/o Mazhar Ali.

The defendant was wanted by the Kuwaiti authorities in the investigation of Jinayat Almubahis on charges of forgery of bank documents within the scope of fund prosecution No. 2138/2016 (211/2016).

The ministry informed the cabinet that Pakistan has an Extradition Treaty with Kuwait. Under section 7 of the Extradition Act 1972, the Federal Government may, if it considers it appropriate, issue an order for the investigation of the case to any First Class Magistrate having jurisdiction to inquire into the offense of extradition. The request relates to whether a crime has been committed within the local borders of its jurisdiction.

It was added that as per IBMS/travel history, the accused Arshad Mazhar Ali arrived at Sialkot International Airport in Sialkot on November 5, 2016.

Considering the background, the Ministry of Home Affairs sought approval to appoint Additional Deputy Commissioner (G)/Additional District Magistrate, ICT, Islamabad as the Investigating Officer to conduct a Magistrate inquiry into the extradition case of Arshad Ali. A prima facie case is made against the fugitive criminal or otherwise.

The matter was discussed and the Cabinet appointed the Additional District Magistrate (ICT) as the Investigating officer in all such extradition cases, as in the earlier extradition case.

The President also directed the Ministry of Law and Justice to expedite the process of transferring the powers of the Federal Government to the relevant authorities.

The Cabinet Secretary stated that the issue had also been brought up for discussion at the scheduled meeting of the Committee of Secretaries.

It is valid until October 12, 2023, and the Prime Ministry will be informed about the developments on the subject.

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