Bangladeshi Citizen Avoids Deportation, Escapes Kalachowki Police Station through Bathroom Window Reading Sexy News


It was claimed that a Bangladeshi national, who was placed in Kalachowki police station in accordance with the court’s restriction order, escaped from the police by jumping from the bathroom.

The suspect, identified as Anwar Shaikh (29), was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Squad of the Kalachowki police unit in 2022. After appearing before the Esplanade Court (Killa Court), the court sentenced the suspect to judicial custody for 10 months. ₹500 fine. Considering the expiration of the sentence, the court decided to initiate the process of repatriating the defendant to his home country, Bangladesh.

On November 1, Shaikh was handed over to Kalachowki’s ATS unit. According to ATS officer-in-charge Vishal Bharaskar, around 6:40 am on Monday morning, Shaikh said he had to go to the toilet. As per protocol, Bharaskar kept an eye on Shaikh, who was waiting outside the bathroom. Later, at 7 o’clock, Shaikh wanted to take a shower and wash a pile of clothes. So Bharaskar again escorted her to the entrance of the bathroom. Looking at the amount of his unwashed clothes, Bharaskar stepped from the bathroom into an adjoining room to do a quick search but when he returned, he could not find Shaikh anywhere. The police officer noticed Shaikh removing the window glass and jumping out.

Bharaskar informed the police van and alerted all the patrolling teams. The teams looked everywhere, including around Kalachowki police station, Cotton Green, Sewri railway stations, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – including CCTV footage in these areas – but Shaikh was nowhere to be found. A special team has been formed to trace and capture Shaikh.

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