Baddeck Stadium is slated to open this winter, but safety precautions are required RS News

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Millions of dollars are needed to replace a crumbling arena in Baddeck, NS, but the facility is set to open this winter.

Engineers say the rink is working, according to John Trickett, chairman of the Victoria Highland Civic Centre. But one end will be closed to the public and crews will need to keep a close eye on the snow load on the roof.

The new building code regulations state that no more than 40 centimeters of snow can accumulate on the roof.

“Security is non-negotiable and we will not compromise that in any way,” Trickett said. Information Morning Cape Breton. “If it means closing the building, we will close the building.”

The arena was built in 1972 and is nearing the end of its useful life, he said.

He said the sidewall supports, the exhaust fans and the clock are rusty and it makes sense to build a new stadium and get another 50 years out of it.

The last cost estimate to restore the stadium was as high as $14 million, but that was about 18 months ago and does not account for inflation.

“That is [and] continues to be a moving target, Trickett said. “It will be north of $14 million, for sure. How much, I don’t know.”

The board has yet to begin public fundraising, but has already received pledges of about $500,000.

It also received significant input from the local municipality, Trickett said.

“Victoria County voted unanimously to commit $1 million to this project, so it was a great start to the next levels of government,” he said.


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