auto taxi strike cancelled, some relief for mumbakars! The rickshaw-taxi strike is finally over, but the hanging sword of fare hike remains – mumbai auto, taxi strike called off after minister promises RS News

m. Ta. Representative, Mumbai: On Friday, the Mumbai Taximen’s Union announced that the rickshaw-taxi strike that was scheduled to take place on the day of the inauguration has finally been called off. Although the cancellation of the planned strike has brought relief to commuters, the hanging sword of fare hike remains. The minimum taxi fare is likely to increase by three rupees, while the minimum fare of rickshaws is likely to increase by two rupees. The final decision will be taken in the meeting of Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority on Monday.

A rickshaw-taxi association had called for a strike in the city and suburbs during Navratri festival. Minister Uday Samant had called the organization for a discussion to find a solution. “While the price of CNG per kg has increased significantly, the minimum fare for rickshaw-taxi has not increased. According to the Khatua Committee report, it is recommended to increase the minimum fare in case of increase in fuel price. The government has accepted the recommendations of the Khatua Committee. This should increase the rickshaw and taxi fares by Rs.2 and Rs.3 respectively. It should be implemented from October 1. “The strike will not be called off until a decision is taken regarding the fare hike,” the organization asserted. After this, Uday Samant has agreed to increase the rent. Due to this, the strike announced from Monday is being withdrawn, said L. General Secretary of Mumbai Taximen’s Union. Quadros said.

Passengers will have to pay Rs 23 for a rickshaw and Rs 28 for a taxi in case of fare hike. Currently, the minimum fare for a rickshaw is Rs 21, while the minimum fare for a taxi is Rs 25. While inflation has already spoiled the financial calculus of middle-class families, they will now have to bear the brunt of the price hike.

The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Transport Authority (MMRTA) has the authority to decide on the fare hike. The meeting of the authority will be held on Monday. Senior officers present in the meeting said that a decision will be taken on the fare hike in this meeting.



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