Aurangabad: Commercial meter costs Rs 1 lakh? Invalid connection to be investigated soon The cost of commercial plumbing meters in Aurangabad city is estimated at Rs 1 lakh, a survey will be conducted soon


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Aurangabad: Under the Smart City scheme in the city, smart meters will be installed in all commercial pipes. Under the scheme of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, ultrasonic smart meters will be installed in about 5000 commercial pipes in the city. Commercial plumbing requires a large size of connection, which can cost as much as one lakh meters.

Provision of Rs. 13 crore

A provision of Rs 13 crore has been made for the installation of smart meters on about 5,000 commercial pipes in the municipal corporation. However, there are still 2,600 commercial taps in the Corporation’s docket. A campaign will be launched to find illegal taps. The meter will be a state-of-the-art ultrasonic smart meter, said Imran Khan, manager of the project. This will make it easier for employees to take readings. Even if you take a tour through that area, you will know the reading, it will have this kind of technology. He also estimated that the cost of a meter for large-scale connections could be in the millions.

Disputes over smart meters even in parallel schemes

The municipal administration plans to install meters in the city’s pipes. Work on a new water supply scheme is also in progress. In the first phase of completion of the scheme, commercial pipes will be metered. The issue was approved at a meeting of the board of directors of Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation. Earlier, it was decided to install meters in the city’s taps in a parallel water supply scheme. There was a big controversy over the price of the meter at that time.

Recover the price of meters from traders?

The question is whether commercial pipes will be fitted with free meters. However, project manager Imran Khan said the decision on how much the meter would be recovered from traders would be taken by the municipal administration. At present, this number is being ascertained by surveying commercial pipes.

Controversy over new accounting officers

The new accounting officer, who has the power to issue bills of lakhs of rupees every day, is being harassed by some old employees of the Municipal Accounts Department. Administrator Astik Kumar Pandey has encouraged the Kondekari employees about this.
Officers appointed by the state government are never easily accepted in the Municipal Corporation. His health officer, Dr. After Paras Mandlecha, Chief Accountant Santosh Wahule is gaining experience. It was launched eight days ago. Since then, some old, politically influential employees of the Accounts Department have started a non-cooperation movement against him. So he lodged a written complaint directly with Pandey.
At least 130 locals are consecrated throughout the year. Accounts Officer Sanjay Pawar has been promoted to the vacant post for the last few months. So, if the Chief Accounts Officer is hired by the government, you have to go to the post of the original Accounts Officer. It was accepted by Pawar. Later, Chief Accountant Santosh Wahule joined. But on the first day, the respectable drama started from which hall to sit in. Then a janitor insulted the clerk of the accounting department. Now, Wahule has complained that he is not getting support from some people.

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