Aryan Khan is a regular drug addict, NCB

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Evidence shows that Aryan Khan is addicted to regular drugs, NCB photo file
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Evidence shows Aryan Khan is addicted to regular drugs, NCB photo file

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Mumbai: The Narcotics Control Bureau has said that Aryan Khan is a regular drug addict.

Mumbai Sessions Court is hearing the bail application of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan, who was arrested in a drug case. At the hearing on Thursday, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) lawyer Anil Singh told the court that the fact that drugs were not recovered from Aryan Khan did not mean that he should be granted bail.

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Anil Singh compared Aryan Khan’s case to that of actress Reha Chakraborty’s brother Shavek Chakraborty and said that no drugs were recovered from him but at that time the court had said that the matter was being investigated.

Opposing Aryan’s bail in the court, Anil Singh argued that the record evidence presented in the court shows that Aryan Khan has been addicted to regular drugs for the last few years. The drugs recovered from Arbaaz Merchant, who was arrested along with Aryan Khan, were for their use.

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Responding to Aryan Khan’s bail plea, which appeared in the Special Court for Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) on Wednesday, the NCB today argued that it did not matter how many drugs were recovered because Preliminary investigations have revealed that Aryan Khan is a regular drug addict and buys drugs through Arbaaz Merchant.

Anil Singh further told the court that there are provisions in the NDPS Act which have nothing to do with the quantity of drugs so there can be no argument to say that the punishment is for one year only. Once a connection is established with drug dealers, quantity does not matter. Anil Singh said, “I request the court that this case is not for bail.”

The NCB lawyer added that “innocence until proven guilty” does not apply to criminal cases involving narcotics and psychotropic substances (NDPS).

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Earlier, Aryan Khan’s bail plea was heard in the Sessions Court in Mumbai on Wednesday, but the court adjourned the hearing till Thursday (today) due to incomplete arguments of the NCB lawyer.

During yesterday’s hearing, Aryan Khan’s lawyer Amit Desai had stated that Aryan did not have cash so he could not buy drugs and when he did not buy drugs, he did not take them.

Amit Desai, while seeking bail, had repeatedly said that no drugs were found in Aryan Khan’s possession and only 6 grams of drugs were recovered from Arbaaz Merchant. Amit Desai had also said that Aryan Khan was not present on the cruise.

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It may be recalled that in the hearing held on Wednesday, Anil Singh had argued in the court that Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Machant were friends and both had known each other for many years. Although drugs were not recovered from Aryan Khan, he was aware of the drugs.

During the hearing, the NCB’s lawyer had accused Aryan in the court of illegal drug trafficking, saying that Aryan’s WhatsApp chat had revealed large quantities of drugs which could not be used by one person only.

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