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All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), Cotton Foundation (ACF) and Better Cotton Initiative Pakistan (BCI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to improve cotton production and implement a traceability system in Pakistan.

In a press release issued on Tuesday, APTMA described the agreement as “a pivotal moment for the textile industry in Pakistan, aiming to strengthen and promote sustainability in cotton production and value chains.”

It was stated that the MoU lays down a comprehensive framework for cooperation between the two organizations, covering a wide range of critical initiatives, including strengthening and revitalizing the cotton value chain, improving cotton productivity and quality, facilitating market integration and linkages for cotton products. To improve the global image of Pakistan cotton.

APTMA said its primary goal is to implement a traceability system that complies with international rules and standards.

“As the global textile industry increasingly places emphasis on transparency and responsible sourcing, the establishment of a traceability system in Pakistan becomes imperative for continued market access.

“By implementing a robust traceability system in Pakistan, we not only meet international standards but also contribute to the global textile industry’s commitment to sustainability and ethical production,” the statement said.

Under the MoU, BCI will act as program partner by providing technical support for better development of cotton in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, ACF will serve as the program’s promotional agency. ACF will also work with BCI to ensure traceability throughout the supply chain of Better Cotton produced in ACF-operated regions.

The MoU was signed by APTMA (North) President Kamran Arshad and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) Country Director Hina Fouzia, representing APTMA Cotton Foundation (ACF).

According to the statement, APTMA Cotton Foundation is the flagship project of APTMA, one of Pakistan’s largest trade bodies, focusing on model and cluster farming concepts aimed at revolutionizing cotton production and promoting sustainability throughout the value chain.

Meanwhile, BCI is a non-profit organization dedicated to making cotton production more environmentally friendly, more economically viable for farming communities, and better for the future of the cotton industry.

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