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Hindupuram TDP MLA, NTR’s son, film actor Nandamuri Balakrishna and YSRCP ministers are expressing their anger on social media platform. Not only TDP party leaders and activists across the state, but also Nandamuri’s family members are blaming Jagan Sarkar for changing NTR Health University into Vysar Health University. Jr. NTR, Kalyan Ram and others reacted through social media..lately Balakrishna cursed the Jagan government. With this, Vice-RCP ministers are lashing out at Balakrishna.

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Responding to Minister Merugu Nagarjuna, Balakrishna questioned why the Health University was named after NTR even though not a single government hospital was built during the TDP regime. “Isn’t it because you all killed NTR together that the health university was named after him… Balakrishna, if you name the sin, will it go away?” He tweeted.

AP Health Minister Vidada Rajani also flagged Balakrishna. “Balakrishna… your yellow gang who have turned government hospitals into hospitals where rats bite children and operate under the lights of cell phones…. And the medical university wants to have NTR’s name… is this correct?” He asked.

“Why are people’s health so trivial to you? Will you vandalize 104, 108 vehicles, kill Arogyashri and make a movement to name the health university after NTR?” Rajani tweeted. Also Minister Jogi Ramesh complained that after 3 days Balakrishna regained consciousness.

‘Who kept NTR away from this race? He asked. Who turned your father’s back? Didn’t your brother-in-law sit on the CM’s chair after grabbing the party and trust? What did Balakrishna do? Who is the dog? Who is the tail of the dog? You did not fulfill NTR’s last wish to tell Chandrababu Buddhi. Chandrababu who ate the rice balls thrown by him? Balakrishna laughed and enjoyed when NTR was overthrown. However, your daughter was given in marriage to his son. You are a hero in movies. Balakrishna tweeted the same script written by Chandrababu.’ Minister Jogi Ramesh severely criticized with harsh words.


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