Anurag Dobhal Says Salman Khan ‘Mocked’ His BroSena and Wants to Quit the Show (WATCH) ReadingS


Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal Says Salman Khan ‘Mocked’ His Brother, Wants to Quit the Show (WATCH) | Photo via Instagram

In Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 17, Anurag Dobhal got into an argument with Arun Mashettey, which turned into a violent fight. The latter made a statement about the former, saying that he was seen entering a hotel with one and leaving with the other, which disturbed Anurag and he grabbed Arun by the collar. Later, in anger, Dobhal also broke the cup and as punishment from Bigg Boss, he was nominated for the entire season.

After this, Anurag looked upset and was heard saying that he wanted to leave the show as he could not survive. In today’s episode, Anurag was called to the confession room to discuss the same. Speaking about this, Dobhal said, “I feel very uncomfortable. I do not know the reason.”

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Anurag was often seen telling his housemates that he needs to see a psychiatrist. Reacting to this, Bigg Boss asked Anurag: “Do you really need a psychiatrist, or are you asking just because Vicky Bhaiya told you so? I am asking you because your mental health is our priority and we have a psychiatrist now. If you feel you need it, we will send it to you.” .”

Anurag says: “I feel frustrated. I can’t stand many things.” He added that he was disturbed by Salman Khan talking about the Youtube community and BroSena (Anurag fans). “Give feedback on Anurag Dobhal and BroSena. “I am not afraid of Bro Sena’s face,” he said.

Bigg Boss also said that Salman’s feedback to the housemates in Weekend Ka Vaar was not personal but came from the audience, including BroSena.

Anurag was asked if he wanted to quit the show. “If things continue like this, yes. If I’m allowed to leave without punishment, then yes. I can’t survive this way,” the YouTuber said.

Later, Bigg Boss told Anurag to argue with Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar.

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