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Another counterfeit liquor factory demolished; A total of Rs 1.5 crore was seized in Nashik Another counterfeit liquor factory demolished in Nashik; A total of Rs 1.5 crore was seized

Nashik Rural Police demolished another counterfeit liquor factory.

Nashik: Police have demolished a fake liquor factory in Saykheda area of ​​Nashik district. The second factory was found in just 24 hours and the action taken by the rural police is being discussed. It is noteworthy that these factories belong to Sanjay Date, who is believed to be an office bearer of a political party.

It was revealed that there was a fake liquor factory at Chakka Mangal office at Chandori in Niphad taluka. Udayan Raje Lawns is owned by Ambadas Vithoba Kharat at Chandori in Niphad taluka within the limits of Saykheda police station on Nashik-Aurangabad state highway. A team of Nashik Rural Superintendent of Police Sachin Patil conducted a raid on Monday late night on October 11 on the basis of confidential information that illegal liquor was being produced. At this time Sanjay Malhari Date aged 47 years Gondegaon taluka Niphad was found there. This is the same factory, about 1500 to 2000 boxes of counterfeit liquor, about ten thousand to fifteen thousand empty bottles of liquor, 20 thousand liters of spirit, 90 to 100 barrels of two hundred liters, empty boxes of about five thousand to ten thousand, Police seized 5 water tanks and a truck worth Rs 1 crore. Police later raided another fake liquor factory in Saykheda owned by the tooth. About 50 lakh chemicals used for making fake liquor were found there.

Eight people were handcuffed

In the second operation, Sanjay Malhari Date (resident of Gondegaon, Tal. Niphad), Ambadas Kharat (resident of Chandori), Shubham Shinde, Suresh Deore, Deepak Patil (all resident of Dhule), Pankaj Kumar Mandal, Manikant Kumar Mandal (resident of Bihar) were arrested by the police. Are knocked out. In both the operations, the police have found a loot of Rs 1.5 crore.

To send goods abroad

Counterfeit liquor factories used to imitate government-approved liquor bottles. Also the stickers of the government approved company, the name of the company used to be on these bottles. The goods were sent to Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar. It is noteworthy that this action was taken by Nashik Rural Police. The state excise department did not even know about it, a special discussion is going on about it.

Alleged office bearer of Date Shiv Sena

Both the factories raided by the police are said to be of Dante. Date is an alleged office bearer of the ruling Shiv Sena. He is an activist of a former MLA. It is understood that he openly dared to set up these factories by using this political affiliation. Notably, the donor-linked political leader was among several social media groups in Niphad taluka. It is understood that the leader left the group as soon as action was taken against Dante’s factory.

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