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Published by: Subhajit Mandal | Posted: September 23, 2022 7:19 pm| Updated: September 23, 2022 7:19 pm

News Daily Digital Desk: Tripura Assembly Elections are just a few months away. In the meantime, Tripura BJP has been hit again. This time the party’s tribal MLA Burvamohan Tripura left the party. He may join Tripura royal family member Pradyot Kishore Manikya Devavarman’s party Tipra Motha.

The BJP MLA submitted his resignation letter to the Tripura Assembly Speaker on Friday. Principal Ratan Chakraborty said that action will be taken after looking into all legal aspects in this regard. Burvamohan became an MLA from Tripura for the first time on a BJP ticket. But for quite some time he was sounding dumb. He was identified as the angry MLA of the party. He had been hinting that he would leave the party for a long time. Finally he finalized the decision to leave the party. He resigned after voting for BJP’s candidate Biplab Dev in the Rajya Sabha elections on Thursday. It is known that Burbmohan will join Tipra Motha. Maharaj Pradyot Kishore Devavarman also went to the Principal while submitting his resignation letter.

[আরও পড়ুন: অধিকৃত ইউক্রেনে গণভোট শুরু রাশিয়ার, পর্তুগালের সমান ভূখণ্ড হাতছাড়া কিয়েভের!]

In the last few months, 4 MLAs of BJP and their allies have resigned due to this. Earlier, IPFT MLA Brishketu Debvarma resigned. The principal said that his resignation letter has been accepted. Earlier, Ashish Das and Sudeep Raivarman resigned as MLAs. However, the state leadership of BJP claimed that the resignation of Burbmohan will not have any impact on the party.

[আরও পড়ুন: সঙ্গীর পকেটে কন্ডোমের রসিদ! রাগে নিজের রিভলবার চালিয়ে খুন করলেন মহিলা পুলিশকর্মী]

The state assembly elections are just a few months away. Right now the politics of Tripura is getting more polarized every day. Tipra Motha is gradually gaining strength in the tribal areas. However, after Biplab Dev became a member of the Rajya Sabha, speculations have arisen again. Because Biplab Deb’s relationship with Tipra Motha chairman Maharaj Pradyot Kishore Deb Barma has always been good. In this case, since Biplab Dev has again come to the forefront of state politics, what Pradyot Kishore does now is to be seen.

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