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ISLAMABAD, November 03 (Online): Ali Ansari and Saboor Aly make up one of the cutest couples in showbiz. Both of them are very hardworking and have made a place for themselves in the industry without a godfather. Saboor started working in serials when he was very young and Ali’s entire journey shifted from radio to VJ and then to acting. Their marriage came as a surprise to many, but they were all very happy for the new couple.

Ali Ansari was a guest on Fuchsia and shared a lot about his personal life, including his arranged marriage with Saboor. The couple had previously said that their mutual friend and Ali’s sister Mariam Ansari was the catalyst that brought them together. However, their marriage was arranged according to the path of love. He explained the advantages of arranged marriage. Ali said that he is not against anyone getting married, but it is in his interest for you to be two people who are just getting to know each other, and the same applies to the family. Additionally, when you look at your relationship from the perspective of marriage, you will be more rational about making the marriage work.

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