Air force exercises and all the buzz around Motera ReadingS


The renovation of Motera, at the behest of GCA bosses Prime Minister Modi and home minister Amit Shah, has ensured that all important matches are now held in the city at whose heart Sabarmati flows.

Come tomorrow, there won’t be a single seat empty in this 130,000-seat amphitheater, officially the largest cricket stadium in the world. The ticket craze reached fever pitch with a Rs 2,000 ticket being sold for 10 times its price, as previously reported in the media; those for treat boxes are sold at Rs 50,000.

The scenario is equally brutal in terms of accommodation, with hotels with minimum facilities charging between Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000 per day. Most of the five star properties also go for a bargain with rooms going for up to Rs 2 lakh per night.

Members of the media fraternity, here for the India-Pakistan match on October 14, admit that they were panicked by what they saw last time and played it ‘safe’ by booking in advance with their premium amounts.

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