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Hyderabad: A young woman named Aaliya, who was injured in the stampede at the Gymkhana Grounds in the city, is being treated at Yashoda Hospital. Last night, the management of the hospital said that the treatment will be done only if Rs. 40,000 is paid… or else they will be taken to the government hospital. Meanwhile, after ABN Andhrajyothy aired a series of articles on this matter, the management of HCA came down. The HCA management has promised to bear every rupee till Aaliya is discharged. The doctors of Yashoda hospital continued to treat Aaliya after saying that they would come to Yashoda hospital overnight and pay for the treatment. Alia was recently given a CT scan by the doctors. The doctors said that the injuries were extensive and there was a blood clot along with some injuries on the ribs. At present, Alia’s health is stable. Alia’s mother Begum thanked ABN Andhra Jyoti for responding at the right time.

Azharuddin is to blame for yesterday’s atrocity: Alia’s mother

Alia’s mother said that Azharuddin was not responsible for the atrocity that happened at the gymkhana grounds yesterday. They said that their baby is being treated at Yashoda Hospital… Tests and scans are being done. The doctors said that Alia had a blood clot in her chest and ribs. They said that they came at 5 am for tickets…we thought to see Kohli…but this is what happened. He said that 3 hundred people fell on his baby… After ten minutes, he was taken out from under the crowd. “My baby would have died yesterday… only because of God’s grace and media’s support, my baby survived” Alia’s mother said.

It is known that there was a stampede at the Gymkhana Grounds as a large number of fans flocked for the India-Australia match tickets. Fans and policemen were also injured in this incident. Many people lost consciousness in the stampede and seven people were taken to the hospital. As the situation got out of control, the police lathi-charged the fans.

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