A new feature called Secret Code has been added to WhatsApp ReadingS


A new feature has been added to prevent others from accessing users’ WhatsApp chats. The Meta-owned app has introduced a new feature called Secret Code. This feature was recently introduced in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices.

WABetaInfo reported that secret code will be added to further enhance the chat lock feature.

A new and interesting feature is coming to WhatsApp
It is worth noting that in May, a feature called Chat Lock was introduced, where various chats are saved in a folder and access to them is possible through the unlocking method of the phone.

With the secret code feature, users will be able to make their locked chats more secure.

They will be able to secure these chats with a secret code as well as the phone unlocking method.

The secret code feature will be in the cheat lock settings.

According to the report, chats that will be locked will not appear in the chat list, but users will need to enter the secret code in the search bar in the chat tab to access these chats.

The report stated that this new feature will further increase users’ privacy as their locked chats will not be visible.

The report also stated that since the list of locked chats will not be visible, it will not be possible for the user to see sensitive conversations even if someone else is using their phone.

news source (dailythepatriot.com)


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