A man convicted in 1987 of murdering a Moncton girl was arrested in Montreal 3 weeks later RS News

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A man convicted of murdering a Moncton girl in 1987 was arrested by Montreal police on Thursday, after being on the loose for three weeks.

Patrice Mailloux, 67, was on day parole and had to return two nights a week to a halfway house when the Correctional Service of Canada illegally took him away on September 1.

On Thursday, “the Service de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) arrested the criminal Patrice Mailloux,” CSC spokesman Jean-François Mathieu confirmed in an email to CBC News.

“CSC will continue to work with its police partners to return the offender to CSC custody.”

Mathieu refused to provide any information about the arrest, such as Mailloux’s whereabouts or whether he left peacefully, referring questions to the police.

But a police spokesperson refused to confirm the arrest, saying it was a CSC file.

Mailloux was sentenced to life without parole eligibility for at least 20 years after being found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of 16-year-old Laura Davis.

Laura worked in her family’s store in St. George Street on a November evening in 1987 when Mailloux robbed a shop and shot him in the head.

Mailloux was first granted day parole in 2016, which was recently renewed in April.

Among the conditions, he was prohibited from consuming alcohol or drugs, gambling, contacting certain people, including the victim’s family, and entering the province of New Brunswick.


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