78 crores per year for waste transportation and collection in Navi Mumbai! | 78 crores per year for waste transportation and collection in Navi Mumbai amy 95 RS News


Sant Gadgebaba Swachhta Abhiyaan in a wide form throughout Maharashtra. RR Patil’s concept, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation won the title of the cleanest city in Maharashtra for the first 3 years in a row. On the other hand, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has started preparations to increase the scope of waste classification and the municipality has focused more attention on waste classification along with city cleanliness. The term of the contractor for garbage transportation and collection in the city has expired and until the new tender process is completed. The Enviro contractor has been given an extension till March. 78 crore work for one year has been extended till March.

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Under the guidance of Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Abhijit Bangar, penal action is being taken against the companies that do not classify waste, on the other hand, the municipality has decided to increase the scope of waste classification. As the term of the contractor from 2015 to 2022 has expired, the municipality has extended the term for a year. In the future, the scope of waste classification will be increased this year. In the upcoming tender process for collection and transportation, the municipality intends to increase the scope of waste classification and separate different types of waste.

In the city, along with the classification of wet and dry waste, household hazardous waste classification as well as the classification of dry and hazardous waste, plastic, wood, glass, metal waste will be collected. In this regard, the municipality is planning and preparations have started for the preparation of the project report of the municipal waste transportation and collection in cooperation with the All India Self-Government Local Organization.

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Along with beautification of the city, improvements to complement the environment will be made in the city of Navi Mumbai. After a period of two years of Corona, the municipality has made it mandatory to separate wet and dry waste keeping in view ‘Zero Garbage on the Road’. Since the commissioner is in charge of the municipality as an administrator, the municipality has started extensive planning regarding the new garbage transportation and collection. Therefore, we are curious about how many crores the upcoming garbage transportation and collection tender will cost. Efforts are being made to adopt sophisticated methods regarding classification and collection and a report will be prepared regarding waste transportation and collection regarding the tender.- Babasaheb Rajle, Deputy Commissioner Solid Waste Department


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