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6 Judges Oath Administered On 18

– Live streaming on YouTube for the first time

Jaipur. Judge MM Srivastava, who came to the Rajasthan High Court after being transferred from Chhattisgarh, and five new judges will be administered the oath of office at 10 am on Monday in the court room of the Chief Justice, Jodhpur. The swearing-in ceremony will be streamed live on YouTube for the first time.
Chief Justice Aqeel Qureshi will administer the oath to the new judges on Monday. The judges and lawyers of Jaipur will also be able to attend the oath-taking ceremony of the judges through the VC. The newly appointed judges include Farzand Ali, Sudesh Bansal, Anoop Kumar Dhand, Vinod Bharwani and Madan Gopal Vyas. Judge MM Srivastava, who was transferred from Chhattisgarh, will also be administered the oath on the same day. After taking oath, the new judge will hear in Jodhpur itself on Monday. There are 50 posts of judges in the Rajasthan High Court including the Chief Justice and at present 21 posts are filled. This number will increase to 27 after the new judges are sworn in. It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court Collegium has recommended five more names for judges in the Rajasthan High Court, which are pending with the Central Government.