40 thousand rupees bribe for gift registration! RS News

  • Sangem Tehsildar of Warangal district caught by ACB
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Hanumakonda Crime, September 23: An incident took place in Warangal district where the Tehsildar was caught by the ACB who demanded a bribe to register the gift of agricultural land. ACB officials caught Sangem Tehsildar Narmeta Rajendra Nath while taking money from the victim. Nallepu Kumar of Chinta Nekkonda in Warangal district approached Tehsildar Rajendranath to register the gift of agricultural land to his younger sister. For this, he demanded Rs.1 lakh and made a deal for Rs.40,000. However, frustrated Kumar approached the ACB officials as the tehsildar gave him trouble for not registering. According to the officials, Kumar took Rs.40 thousand and went to the Tehsildar’s house in Hanumakonda Hunter Road. As soon as the money was given, the ACB officials went and arrested Rajendranath. The DSP said that the case has been registered and moved to the ACB court in Hyderabad.


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