3 cases filed against tambaram dmk mla sr raja RS News

In Chengalpattu district, a case has been registered under three sections against Tambaram assembly member S.R.Raja who insulted an employee of a private company.

A company called Tejas Moparts, which manufactures car spare parts, is operating in Malrashapuram area near Singapperumal temple in Chengalpattu district. One of the directors of this company from Korea is R.K. Sharma. He was given all the powers in the company, including sales, by the Korean company.

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About 120 people are working in this company, which has been operating for the past 20 years. In this case, RK who was working as MD of the company. It seems that Sharma had fraudulently sold the company to Mannu Goyal and Pooja Goyal from Uttara in 2018. In order not to evict the workers immediately, he had entered into an agreement that the company would continue for 10 years and a monthly rent of 10 lakh rupees would be paid.

Thus, it was exposed that he had defrauded the company to the tune of Rs 230 crores. On behalf of the Korean company, R.K. A case has been registered against 5 people including Sharma and investigation is going on. The police are absconding R.K. They are looking for Sharma. In this case, Tambaram legislator S.R. who came to the company with his supporters on Wednesday. Raja is said to have insisted that the company vacate immediately.

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It is said that the CEO of the company, Krishnamurthy, was verbally abused and disrespected. The footage was recorded on the CCTV camera installed at the entrance of the company. In the video which is going viral on social media, it is recorded that the Tambaram assembly member is speaking in unison and saying that they will pull this company and shut it down.

In this regard, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Krishnamurthy, mentioned that even last 2 months ago, legislator SR Raja had threatened to vacate this place over the phone. As the dominance of North Indians is already increasing in Tamil Nadu, they disrespected the agreement in favor of the North Indian boss and made themselves Tambaram MLAs. Accused of trying to eviction.

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He mentioned that this situation is only going to continue for the sake of the party that has voted, and Tambaram MLA. He accused 120 Tamil families of taking away their livelihood. They have complained about this to the Chief Secretary through the website. On the complaint lodged at Chiramalai Nagar police station, Tambaram MLA S.R. A case has been registered against Raja in 3 sections.

Regarding this, Tambaram Assembly member S.R. Raja said that a friend had taken him to his place saying there was a problem. He also explained that his friend who is the owner of the company does not give way to the tenants there.

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