3.2 magnitude earthquake in Balochistan, panic among people ReadingS


Bolochistan: Earthquake tremors were felt in Bela district of Balochistan. People came out of their homes reciting Kalma Tayyaba.

The magnitude of the earthquake was 3.2 and its depth was 22 kilometers. It was stated that the epicenter of the earthquake was 16 kilometers north. After the earthquake, fear spread among the people.

According to preliminary information, there was no loss of life or property in the earthquake.

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It should also be noted that severe earthquake tremors were felt in different parts of Nepal and India late on Friday and Saturday night. Many buildings collapsed in the Jajarkot region, 500 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

For this reason, 128 people died and dozens were injured.


news source (dailyausaf.com)


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