26/11: Attack that makes running Mumbai stop! Numerous wounds, bloodshed and two hands with terrorism! | 26/11, Mumbai attack, 13 years since the terrorist attack, the wounds are still alive but Mumbai will always run


26/11: Attack that makes running Mumbai stop! Numerous wounds, bloodshed and two hands with terrorism! | 26/11, Mumbai attack, 13 years since the terrorist attack, the wounds are still alive but Mumbai will always run

The Taj Hotel in South Mumbai was set on fire by terrorists

Mumbai Today marks 13 years since the attack. Even today, many are shocked by the Mumbai Attack that suddenly stopped the ropes of Mumbai, which were running with a spontaneous desire to survive. Mumbai, the financial capital of the country and full of numerous small and big industries, takes on an even more enchanting, enchanting look in the evenings. One such evening, on this very day, 26th November (26/11), 13 years ago, terrorists from across the border attacked important places in Mumbai, leaving the city and the country in the lurch.

Wounds at the heart of Mayanagari Mumbai

On the evening of November 26, 2008, Mayanagari Mumbai was playing to its own tune. The terrorists started firing at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Leopold Cafe at the important station CST. At the time, no one thought it was a terrorist attack. But one after another, news of the shooting started coming from various suburbs of Mumbai. The world of Mumbaikars traveling without any worries till 12:01 pm suddenly changed into terror. The country’s financial capital was attacked by terrorists. There were numerous passengers at the CST station at that time. They were indiscriminately fired upon by terrorists. He also threw a hand grenade. About 54 innocent travelers died here. Many were also seriously injured in the chase that followed the shooting. The attack on CST was carried out by terrorists Ajmal Amir Kasab and Ismail Khan.

Leopold cafe, mumbai

Signs of a terrorist attack on a Leopold Cafe

Dhumakul at Taj Hotel too, the betting efforts of the jawans

On the night of November 26, terrorists also targeted the Taj Hotel. Many people were taken hostage by terrorists. It included seven foreign nationals. The heritage wing of the Taj Hotel was set on fire. On the morning of November 27, NSG commandos arrived to confront the terrorists. Earlier, the hostages in the hotel were released. Clashes between the militants and the jawans continued till November 29. The clash ended on the morning of November 29.

Firing and terror in Mumbai till midnight

The militants also opened fire at CST station, Taj Hotel, Hotel Oberoi, Leopold Cafe, Kama Hospital and several other places in South Mumbai. By midnight on November 26, the firing had started at several places in Mumbai. The attacks took place at South Mumbai Police Headquarters, Mazgaon Dock, Nariman House, Vile Parle, Girgaon Chowpati, Taddev and other places. Police and paramilitary forces were also on hand to protect the civilians. But it was difficult to estimate the number of terrorists because of the simultaneous attacks.

Main accused Kasab exposes Pakistan’s conspiracy

Ajmal Amir Kasab, a notorious terrorist playing bloody Holi by firing at CST terminus, was caught alive in Taddev area after an encounter with police. He was seriously injured at the time. He revealed at the time that Pakistan was behind the attack. He also mentioned the names of the accomplices killed in the attack. Kasab was later tried and hanged.

Kasab, mumbai attack

Ajmal Kasab is the main accused in the Mumbai attacks

10 terrorists plotted in Pakistan

It was seen that the plot of this attack on Mumbai, which took place in many places at the same time, was hatched with a very calm head. It was estimated that there were many terrorists. However, after Kasab’s reply, it was revealed that only 10 terrorists were targeted to attack Mumbai. He was trained in Pakistan. He arrived in India on November 26 by sea. The boat on which he came to India was found by the police in a burnt condition.

Only the country owes its debt to the bravery of the martyred soldiers

The 26/11 attack was thwarted by Mumbai’s Jigarbaaz police Anshur jawans with the efforts of Sharthi. But the attack inflicted irreparable damage on civilians as well as the police force. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police van. He had taken the van and escaped by firing indiscriminately on the citizens walking on the road. The terrorists then took the same van and entered Kama Hospital. ATS chief Hemant Karkare, SI Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar were shot dead during the encounter. All three were killed. The Mumbai attack said that we have to bow before the bravery of these three who have fallen head over heels in the fight against terrorists.

200 NSG commandos and 50 jawans were sent to Mumbai to respond to the terrorist attack on Mumbai. Five units of the Army were also deployed at various places. Among them are ACP Sadanand Date, NSG Commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Encounter Specialist SI Vijay Salaskar, Inspector Sushant Shinde, SI Prakash More, SI Dudgude, ASI Nanasaheb Bhosale, ASI Tukaram Ombale, Patil, Constable. Pawar and MC Chaudhary. A total of 137 civilians were killed and 300 injured in the attack. The mastermind of the attack was hanged.

Mumbai, salute to your stubbornness!

Mumbai local

It’s been 13 years since the 26/11 attacks. Those wounds are still alive in the minds of every Mumbaikar. Even today, he remembers the day that shocked the good. Incidents like bomb blasts and rainstorms had already stopped the wheels of Mumbai. But despite the wounds, what kind of Mumbai is that? Mumbai’s blood is something else. She wants to live, she wants to win. We have to run, we have to face the coming difficulties with patience. Everyone here wants to participate in the celebration of survival, regardless of the circumstances. Attacks with these qualities make her look like a black hawk on her face. Greetings to Mumbai once again today on the occasion of 26/11!

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