100 women gang-raped at matrimonial site, Rs 25 crore looted, three arrested with foreign nationals | Delhi Crime News Girl cheated on Matrimonial Site by foreigner

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New Delhi : Delhi’s Shahdara police have arrested a foreign national for defrauding more than 100 women to the tune of Rs 25 crore under the pretext of marriage. In addition to Mastermind, police have arrested two other accused who accompanied him. He used to contact women through the matrimonial website.

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What is the case

The accused used to make online friendships with women who wanted to get married and then extort money from them under various pretexts. Then suddenly stop talking. A few days back, a 35-year-old woman had lodged a complaint at the Jagatpuri police station in Shahdara district. A few days ago, she had said in her complaint that she had met a young man named Manmeet through a matrimonial website.

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Manmeet name profile

Slowly the conversation between the two began. As soon as the friendship started, the chat started. Suddenly one day Manmeet tells the woman that he is in trouble, his bank accounts are frozen and he is in dire need of money. Hearing this, the woman transferred some money to the bank account mentioned by Manmeet.

After this, under some pretext, the accused took about Rs 15 lakh from the woman. The woman mortgaged all her gold jewelry and paid him. The woman told police in the complaint that the man lost contact with her after paying all the money.

Fraud from matrimonial site in Pune

On the other hand, a scoundrel has been arrested for cheating on young brides across the country by creating attractive profiles on famous matrimonial sites. Nigdi police in Pune district arrested Premraj Thevraj Dikruj. He is known to be a native of Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

What’s the matter?

Accused Premraj Thevaraj got acquainted with a highly educated young woman from Chinchwad for two-three months. Acquiring her faith, she fell into the trap of love and boiled millions of rupees. He demanded Rs 12 lakh from her saying that he needed money.

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