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Space Scotland appoints the first CEO in its history RS News

RS News The nation's space capabilities are poised to go into overdrive with an inspiring female leadership team The rapid rise of the Scottish space...

Irn Bru owner buys energy drink brand Boost for £20m RS News

RS News mern Bru owner AG Barr has bought energy drink company Boost for £20m in a bid to corner the burgeoning market for...

They wanted a baby, then Twitter fired them RS News

RS News IVF treatment is not cheap. When Jane was fired from Twitter as part of her mass layoffs, she contacted the consultant...

Can London’s legal “magic circle” fend off the US threat? RS News

RS News WWHEN I studied law in college many moons ago, there was the “Magic Circle” of City law firms. Surprisingly, given the...

Layoffs have destroyed Twitter’s child safety team RS News

RS News Eliminating child exploitation is “priority 1”, declared the new owner and CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, last week. But, at the...
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